Ffunky Munky Productions

I'm the one behind the scenes that makes it all happen!



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I love movies, I love television and I love Comedy and am now fortunate to be able to make shows that make me happy.

The ultimate goal is to create shows I believe in and want to watch and surround myself with like minded people who share this dream. Ideally, in doing this I can also create a  supportive space for new and emerging film makers with a focus on diversity and inclusivity both on screen and behind the camera.

I have been part of the film and television industry for nearly 30 years working in Australia, London and Vancouver. I like to say I unwittingly fought for gender equity and diversity in the screen sector simply by working in it. These days I identify myself as a Producer and Educator and I honestly enjoy doing both.

Before turning my hand to producing I worked my way up the production ladder to become a reputable First Assistant Director. It is this practical experience which has given me exceptional skills in problem solving, people management and a thorough grasp on the  complex logistics involved with film/tv production. Working in the low budget and independent sector has equipped me with the tools to manage high volume, fast paced workplaces with creative problem solving techniques.

One of my key goals is to make Asian faces and stories more accessible.

With Ffunky Munky Productions I aim to fly the flag of diversity in Australian entertainment and tell REAL Australian stories with an international flavour.

The end goal is to bring good stories to the masses and send the message that it is ok to be different and have fun while doing it.

Specialties: Organising stuff and making it happen!! (and dumplings)