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Phi and Me web series turns 1!

On June 16 2020 we celebrated Phi and Me with a live stream on Facebook and Linkedin screening all 5 episodes and watching  it with cast and crew commentary.

Diana Nguyen (Creator/Writer/Producer and Star Kim Huong) hosted the event and was joined by Chi Nguyen who plays daughter Phi.

Appearances were also made by cast members Don Tran, Tom Davies, Maria Tran, Gabby Chan, Moni Lai-storz and Nina Harris, our amazingly talented Director Melanie Killingsworth, Marketing Guru Suzanne “String” Nguyen and Yours truly. Phi and me T-shirts abound, it was all very festive I even popped a mini bottle of bubbles alone in my living room.

This online celebration attracted hundreds of viewers from all over the world and probably a few more on catch up.We got to chat to the fans, answer questions, give away t-shirts and even had a few cheeky comments from our crew who were watching a long  with us.

You will hear a few anecdotes from set as we reminisce down memory lane together.

It is a wonderful achievement by all involved and has spurred us on to start thinking about series 2.

Stay Tuned…

You can watch it here Link


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