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Workshop – July 18 Sydney

I ran my scheduling workshop on Saturday 18 July with 6 participants – some Producers, some on their way to producing, an Art Director, a very experienced theatre stage manager but all wanting to learn more about the illusive art of scheduling. I am happy to report 6 satisfied customers and 2 great new testimonials added to this website – thank you.

I do have fun sharing my knowledge with others and its great to have a  captive audience to listen to my war stories.

I am excited about getting more of these happening. I would love to travel it nationally once all the boarders are open, of course. So for now I am looking at  Sydney, Central Coast, Canberra, and maybe an online version too. If you have any questions or something you want to learn more about I can always create a course or point you in the right direction for existing courses. I dont know everything but I do know people that know people.

A big thank you to all participants and to Paul Brenner for the space and the support.



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