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Another Successful Workshop done!

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday in Sydney. Something we haven’t seen much of lately and I found myself in a little meeting room in Chippendale running my scheduling workshop with a wonderful little group of female filmmakers. It was a lot of fun, a few snacks, a few laughs and a lot of “Oh, I get it now!”.

I’ve had a bit of interest in the workshop from all over Australia and will definitely be running another one (possibly 2) in Sydney in the next few months. (Christmas may get in the way and push dates into January too). I want to bring it to Melbourne soon but have had enquiries from Newcastle, Canberra, the Gold Coast and even Perth. So if you can help me get a group of people in your town together and find me a venue – I will come to you and you will get a discount for organising it.

Checkout the WORKSHOPS tab for more details.

The latest group to have scheduling demystified  are pictured below from L-R Ashley Avci, Me, Cybil Wilkins and Deborah Biancotti.



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