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I went to Melbourne to enjoy the famous Melbourne International Comedy Festival (again) and check in with all my Melbourne peeps. I’ve always said its all about the relationships you foster that get you where you are going in this industry. There is truth in the saying “Its all who you know”.  So whenever I head to Melbourne I drop a line to everyone I know down there and try and line up catch ups – coffee, yum cha, dinner, and Comedy nights!

I had a yum cha catch up with the wonderful Lisa Wang (Black Sheep Films) and we connected on our passion to create a community of Asian Australian filmmakers. Lisa has started meet ups of emerging Asian Australian Filmmakers to help build a supportive community of like minded creatives. I was flattered when she invited me to speak to the group and share my experiences in the industry at a meet up at the Chinese Museum.

Although I am feeling quite comfortable on stage with a microphone in front of an audience these days I still wish I had prepared a little better. (*Imposter Syndrome – we all get it! ) It felt like I was doing a stand up gig , particularly as I had seen so much comedy in the weeks leading up to it and it was literally on a stage in a room where comedy shows were being performed. I got a a few laughs and a favorable response from those I spoke to afterwards.

I know the purpose of my talk was to inspire but I found it inspiring to see a group like this gathered in one place –  it means there will be more representation in the industry as we move forward and there will be passionate authentic storytellers from Asian backgrounds telling Australian stories. It makes me feel confident that we will see more cultural diversity on our screens and in our crews in the not too distant future.

I really hope this group continues to grow. For now it is only in Melbourne but I’m keen to see a Sydney chapter too. Feel free to reach out if you agree.

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