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Online Workshop – tick, done!

Just wrapped up my first online delivery of my scheduling workshop. And I did run one in February too, I just didn’t write about it, and forgot to get a photo?! Ooops.! ¬†This is proof I am as old as it says on my ID because I am not in the habit of putting everything I do online. I am bad at it!

But I am a great person to teach you about scheduling!! The down side being some of the technical glitches of delivering an online course on your own. We got through it and I remembered to get a photo!


I plan to do the online version more regularly so look out again around September. But if you want a face to face workshop and have a group of friends who also want to learn get in touch no matter where you are and we can talk about me coming to you and tailoring the workshop to what you are looking for.

And in the meantime here is another workshop I am running through my friends at Media Mentors.

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