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Online Workshop – tick, done!

Just wrapped up my first online delivery of my scheduling workshop. And I did run one in February too, I just didn’t write about it, and forgot to get a photo?! Ooops.!  This is proof I am as old as it says on my ID because I am not in the habit of putting everything […]

ONLINE Scheduling Workshops

I am finally offering my Scheduling Workshop online! I have had so much interest from people from all over the country and either can’t make it to Sydney, or I can’t make it to you. So here it is – you asked for it! It will be 2 x 2.5  hr sessions a week apart. […]

Comedy, Contacts and Community

I went to Melbourne to enjoy the famous Melbourne International Comedy Festival (again) and check in with all my Melbourne peeps. I’ve always said its all about the relationships you foster that get you where you are going in this industry. There is truth in the saying “Its all who you know”.  So whenever I […]

Another Successful Workshop done!

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday in Sydney. Something we haven’t seen much of lately and I found myself in a little meeting room in Chippendale running my scheduling workshop with a wonderful little group of female filmmakers. It was a lot of fun, a few snacks, a few laughs and a lot of “Oh, […]

Workshop – July 18 Sydney

I ran my scheduling workshop on Saturday 18 July with 6 participants – some Producers, some on their way to producing, an Art Director, a very experienced theatre stage manager but all wanting to learn more about the illusive art of scheduling. I am happy to report 6 satisfied customers and 2 great new testimonials […]

Phi and Me web series turns 1!

On June 16 2020 we celebrated Phi and Me with a live stream on Facebook and Linkedin screening all 5 episodes and watching  it with cast and crew commentary. Diana Nguyen (Creator/Writer/Producer and Star Kim Huong) hosted the event and was joined by Chi Nguyen who plays daughter Phi. Appearances were also made by cast […]

Welcome to the Website

Welcome to the first post of my new website. I know, I can hear you from here – “About bloody time!”. This is so people can see who I am when they search for Ffunky Munky Productions. It will tell you a bit about me, what I do, what projects I am working on, news […]