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Online Workshop – tick, done!

Just wrapped up my first online delivery of my scheduling workshop. And I did run one in February too, I just didn’t write about it, and forgot to get a photo?! Ooops.!  This is proof I am as old as it says on my ID because I am not in the habit of putting everything I do online. I am bad at it!

But I am a great person to teach you about scheduling!! The down side being some of the technical glitches of delivering an online course on your own. We got through it and I remembered to get a photo!


I plan to do the online version more regularly so look out again around September. But if you want a face to face workshop and have a group of friends who also want to learn get in touch no matter where you are and we can talk about me coming to you and tailoring the workshop to what you are looking for.

And in the meantime here is another workshop I am running through my friends at Media Mentors.

Funding Your Webseries



ONLINE Scheduling Workshops

I am finally offering my Scheduling Workshop online!

I have had so much interest from people from all over the country and either can’t make it to Sydney, or I can’t make it to you.

So here it is – you asked for it!

It will be 2 x 2.5  hr sessions a week apart.
Option 1 – Wednesday 31 May & 7th June 2pm – 4.30pm
Option 2 – Sunday 4 & 11 June 10am – 12.30pm
(the extra 30 mins is a buffer to see how we go online)
Hope to see you there.

Comedy, Contacts and Community

I went to Melbourne to enjoy the famous Melbourne International Comedy Festival (again) and check in with all my Melbourne peeps. I’ve always said its all about the relationships you foster that get you where you are going in this industry. There is truth in the saying “Its all who you know”.  So whenever I head to Melbourne I drop a line to everyone I know down there and try and line up catch ups – coffee, yum cha, dinner, and Comedy nights!

I had a yum cha catch up with the wonderful Lisa Wang (Black Sheep Films) and we connected on our passion to create a community of Asian Australian filmmakers. Lisa has started meet ups of emerging Asian Australian Filmmakers to help build a supportive community of like minded creatives. I was flattered when she invited me to speak to the group and share my experiences in the industry at a meet up at the Chinese Museum.

Although I am feeling quite comfortable on stage with a microphone in front of an audience these days I still wish I had prepared a little better. (*Imposter Syndrome – we all get it! ) It felt like I was doing a stand up gig , particularly as I had seen so much comedy in the weeks leading up to it and it was literally on a stage in a room where comedy shows were being performed. I got a a few laughs and a favorable response from those I spoke to afterwards.

I know the purpose of my talk was to inspire but I found it inspiring to see a group like this gathered in one place –  it means there will be more representation in the industry as we move forward and there will be passionate authentic storytellers from Asian backgrounds telling Australian stories. It makes me feel confident that we will see more cultural diversity on our screens and in our crews in the not too distant future.

I really hope this group continues to grow. For now it is only in Melbourne but I’m keen to see a Sydney chapter too. Feel free to reach out if you agree.

Another Successful Workshop done!

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday in Sydney. Something we haven’t seen much of lately and I found myself in a little meeting room in Chippendale running my scheduling workshop with a wonderful little group of female filmmakers. It was a lot of fun, a few snacks, a few laughs and a lot of “Oh, I get it now!”.

I’ve had a bit of interest in the workshop from all over Australia and will definitely be running another one (possibly 2) in Sydney in the next few months. (Christmas may get in the way and push dates into January too). I want to bring it to Melbourne soon but have had enquiries from Newcastle, Canberra, the Gold Coast and even Perth. So if you can help me get a group of people in your town together and find me a venue – I will come to you and you will get a discount for organising it.

Checkout the WORKSHOPS tab for more details.

The latest group to have scheduling demystified  are pictured below from L-R Ashley Avci, Me, Cybil Wilkins and Deborah Biancotti.



Screen Australia Announces Development Funding!

I’d like to thank Covid lockdown 2021 and job keeper for allowing me to spend so much time and effort on developing projects and writing funding applications.

In April 2022 Screen Australia announced development funding for The Hairy Marys (Web series) and Phi and Me Too – a television series based on the successful web series we released in 2019.

I didn’t do it all on my own, I have had lots of help from lots of amazing people.

Its going to be a busy year.



Workshop – July 18 Sydney

I ran my scheduling workshop on Saturday 18 July with 6 participants – some Producers, some on their way to producing, an Art Director, a very experienced theatre stage manager but all wanting to learn more about the illusive art of scheduling. I am happy to report 6 satisfied customers and 2 great new testimonials added to this website – thank you.

I do have fun sharing my knowledge with others and its great to have a  captive audience to listen to my war stories.

I am excited about getting more of these happening. I would love to travel it nationally once all the boarders are open, of course. So for now I am looking at  Sydney, Central Coast, Canberra, and maybe an online version too. If you have any questions or something you want to learn more about I can always create a course or point you in the right direction for existing courses. I dont know everything but I do know people that know people.

A big thank you to all participants and to Paul Brenner for the space and the support.



Phi and Me web series turns 1!

On June 16 2020 we celebrated Phi and Me with a live stream on Facebook and Linkedin screening all 5 episodes and watching  it with cast and crew commentary.

Diana Nguyen (Creator/Writer/Producer and Star Kim Huong) hosted the event and was joined by Chi Nguyen who plays daughter Phi.

Appearances were also made by cast members Don Tran, Tom Davies, Maria Tran, Gabby Chan, Moni Lai-storz and Nina Harris, our amazingly talented Director Melanie Killingsworth, Marketing Guru Suzanne “String” Nguyen and Yours truly. Phi and me T-shirts abound, it was all very festive I even popped a mini bottle of bubbles alone in my living room.

This online celebration attracted hundreds of viewers from all over the world and probably a few more on catch up.We got to chat to the fans, answer questions, give away t-shirts and even had a few cheeky comments from our crew who were watching a long  with us.

You will hear a few anecdotes from set as we reminisce down memory lane together.

It is a wonderful achievement by all involved and has spurred us on to start thinking about series 2.

Stay Tuned…

You can watch it here Link


Phi and Me – has been selected for 2 international webfests!

Phi and Me TV selected for Seoul and Miami Webfest!

We've been selected for 2 world webfests! 🥳@seoulwebfest @miamiwebfest here we come! #PhiandMeTVParty 🎥🥳🎥When we wrote Phi and Me TV, we wanted our story shared of what it was like growing up with a Vietnamese refugee mum. From 2011 as a staged show,A webseries in 2019, To now being seen around the world and selected by two web festivals – Seoul and Miami.Thank you. Thank you for watching. Supporting.Cheering. 💃💃💃Thank you to the business sponsorship by🎥Peter Ling – @crystalpalacecatering🎥John Tran – @yinyam.com.au🎥Dr Moni Lai Storz – Singing Wok🎥Local Pool Renovations 🎥Chris Cao – Marquette🎥Australian Vietnamese Women's Association 🎥James Huy Vuong Brisbane Lions Vietnamese Club and🎥 @screenAustralia. What is your favourite scene from #PhiandMeTV?#webseries #storytelling #comedy #tvshow #comedy

Posted by Phi and Me on Thursday, 28 May 2020

Welcome to the Website

Welcome to the first post of my new website.

I know, I can hear you from here – “About bloody time!”.

This is so people can see who I am when they search for Ffunky Munky Productions. It will tell you a bit about me, what I do, what projects I am working on, news and progress of completed projects and I will be announcing a new date for my first official workshop in Scheduling and Assistant Directing soon.

This site, I feel will forever be a work in progress. I am not a web designer but I do feel a sense of achievement in this very basic site I have put together. Thanks to everyone who has helped me with it to get it this far –  Emilia Toya, Maylei Hunt, Kristian Pirrotta, Jimmy, Lyn & Renee.