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Phi and Me

The First Vietnamese Australian Comedy Web series about a mother’s epic love for her daughter and just how far she will go. Its tough Love the Viet Way! (5x 12 min released online June 2019)

Producer – Serena Hunt, Created By Diana Nguyen and Fiona Chau, Directed by Melanie Killingsworth, with Support from Screen Australia.

Melbourne Webfest 2020, Miami Webfest 2020, Seoul Webfest 2020.

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The Identicals

The Identicals  series hilariously chronicles the misadventures of this pair of inseparable, middle-aged mirror-image misfits on their quest for individuality, respect and most importantly, sex. (3 x 10 min)

A Hodads Production, created by Brett and Mark Nichols, Produced by Serena Hunt.

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The first Ffunky Munky Production. Written, Produced and Directed by Serena Hunt.

A homage to classic warner bros cartoons, starring Paul “Flacco” Livingston.

Byron Bay International Film Festival, Sydney Underground film Festival, Fastnet Film Festival.

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