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I will teach you everything an Assistant Director does that you don’t see on set in this one day scheduling workshop.


  • ALL paperwork involved from script to shoot.
  • How to breakdown a script.
  • Different ways to schedule – with and without Movie Magic.
  • WHS rules and regulations and adapting traditional methods to low budget.

By flagging certain things at script stage and preparing a good schedule there is no reason not to deliver a project efficiently and effectively. This is ideal for Assistant Directors, Producers and Production Managers with some production experience.

I keep the classes small so places are limited.

*If you are after more basic “How to be an AD?” or a private tutor session please contact me to discuss.

Thanks to Phoenix Eye for the video.



KITTY HOPWOOD – First Assistant Director: Rough Stuff, Jay’s Jungle, Random & Whacky, For Real, Asymptotes, Redemption, Winter Retreat, The Gaslight Treatment, Mailbox.

“Serena is a terrific teacher. I can say without question that I would not be as effective an AD had I not studied with her. I can also say that I probably would not have gone on to work professionally in this field had it not been for her!
Serena’s course structure is well thought-out and her materials are excellent. The nature of Assistant Directing is that the person in that role really must know a little about every facet of filmmaking, and Serena manages to guide students logically through what could otherwise be a quagmire of information.
As a teacher Serena is friendly and supportive, concise and insightful. She creates capable and organised AD’s who have a firm understanding of what is expected of them and how to achieve it.
Serena’s course gave me a really solid foundation on which to build my own career as an AD. If you want to be an AD, or even if you are just slightly interested in this facet of the filmmaking process, I cannot recommend Serena highly enough.”


MARIA TRAN – Action Actor:: 🥋 Martial Artist:: 🎥 Filmmaker:: 🎬 CEO/ Founder 🐦Phoenix Eye Pty Ltd | Action Films + Community

“Serena is one of the the best in the industry. Her workshop was insightful with many practical elements that got you to apply what you’ve learnt directly to your project on hand. She shared many stories of her 20 years experience in diverse roles and particularly the paperwork side of ADing & producing”


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Cost:  $200

Time: 9:30 am – 5:30pm

Date : TBC

Location : TBC


Upcoming Workshops

Sydney – TBC 

Melbourne – Coming Soon