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Course outline

Scheduling for Film and TV / Demystifying schedules


  • Script breakdown
    • Step by step of how to breakdown a script ie what to identify in a scene
    • Data Entry and different programs available, including pen and paper option.
    • Script amendments and how it can effect your schedule. Explain A,B scenes, Locked pages, coloured pages.
  • Scheduling
    • What it looks like
    • Where to start
    • Variables to consider
  • Schedule reports. What you get out of a schedule.
    • Show samples of different reports commonly used. Eg Day out of days, full schedules, strip schedules, block schedules.
  • Practical exercises in script breakdown and scheduling with sample script
  • Call sheets
    • Different formats for different types of shows but basically the same information in different formats.
    • Protocol and formatting
  • CREW models – discuss big budget vs independent models (eg. Fat Pizza)
  • Rules and regulations and where to find them
    • MEAA, SPA, OCG, RSPCA, NSW Health
    • How it effects your schedule
  • Safety
    • safety reports, risk assessments and inductions
    • mental health
  • Reporting back to the office
    • Familiarize with standard production reports – 2nd AD reports, DPR, cast sign outs, incident reports.